Performance of sole grinding tools

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The plastic has small friction coefficient, good wear resistance, good self-lubricating property, high specific strength and low transmission noise. It can work effectively under liquid medium, semi-d

1. Small density: the small density of plastic is of great significance for reducing the weight of mechanical equipment and saving energy, especially for vehicles, ships, aircraft and spacecraft.

2 than the strength and stiffness high: the absolute strength of plastic is not as high as metal, but plastic density is small, so than the strength (sigma b/ rho), the value of the value (E/ rho) is quite high. Especially with a variety of high - strength fiber, flake and powder - like metal or non - metal filler made of reinforced plastics, its strength and stiffness than metal than higher.

3. Good chemical stability: most plastics have good acid, alkali, salt, water and gas resistance, in general conditions, they do not react with these substances.

4. Good electrical insulation, adiabatic and acoustic insulation performance.

5 wear resistance and self-lubricity is good: plastic friction coefficient is small, wear resistance is good, have very good self-lubricity, plus than the strength is high, transmission noise is small, it can work effectively in the liquid medium, semi-dry or even dry friction conditions. It can be made into bearings, gears, CAM and pulley and other machine parts, is very suitable for the speed is not high, the load is not big occasion.

6. Strong bonding ability.

7. Good molding and coloring performance.


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