How to enhance the market competitiveness of sole mold products

Time: 2019-03-12 15:48:00

Author: 佛山市佳而特鞋材模具有限公司

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How to enhance the market competitiveness of products, improve product quality, and shorten the development cycle has become the pursuit goal of modern sole mold enterprises. After long-term application experiments, the digital mold production technology can effectively improve the design level of the mold, shorten the time from design to production, shorten the production cycle of the mold, and improve the quality of the mold. Due to the above advantages of digital mold production technology, it has gradually become the mainstream technology in the field of high-end shoe mold production. The so-called digital mold production technology is the application of computer technology or computer aided technology in the mold design and manufacturing process. Therefore, we must take the lead in independently developing and buying a high-priced shoe mold making software system, and invite the software company staff to come to the company for training and guidance, and mature application in production and management.

Because of the supplier's reasons, another mold company was opened in Foshan, but because the surrounding facilities were complete and the reaction speed was relatively fast, it was decided to "walk on two legs." Therefore, through the development of ERP systems and the Internet, to achieve off-site office, unified management of suppliers, designers and business teams.

In order to realize intelligent production at an early date, we will continue to test and repeatedly modify resources from four aspects: technology, process, equipment and platform. Intelligent production of this road, it can be achieved in 20 years. "It has taken more than 20 years and spent so much energy in this industry. If you can't do it well, can you be worthy of yourself?", "It used to be ready to go, and we will have a full-scale outbreak this year!" ”


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