Shoe mold design learning process 1

Time: 2019-03-12 15:47:26

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1. Familiar with popular shoe pattern design software such as AutoCAD2004, Cadkey2008, Cimatron it13.0, Rhino4.0, etc

2. Understand the concept, structure and production process of the sole, shoe material and shoe mold, etc.

3. Understand the general process of the front and back parts of the mold factory, and be familiar with the general process of development, 2D, 3D and programming

General structure and process of mold factory, division of labor and operation process of design department 2D specific operation steps (2D), 3D specific operation steps (3D)

4. Professional nouns and professional English vocabulary

Sole structure, explanation of professional terms (graphic), explanation of engineering drawings, material, English words


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