What is the process of shoe mould design?

Time: 2019-03-12 15:46:49

Author: 佛山市佳而特鞋材模具有限公司

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Shoe mold design is an extremely important part of the shoe mold production process. The shoe mold design process is mainly divided into:

1. Develop and take plate, mainly determine die mouth plate, contour plate, side wall curve, etc

2. Draw 2D engineering drawings

3. Build 3D models

Iv. Preparation of CAM program

Five, carved wood mold processing

Vi. Confirmation of wood mold modification

Seven, the mold, the different materials are separated, in order to open the mold

Shrinkage die, shrinkage rate of different materials is different, especially the shrinkage rate of IMEVA needs to consider its different width and thickness and set different shrinkage rate

Nine, put a full set of mass production

X, processing a full set of production of wooden models

Several important factors in the design process of shoe mold:

Mold material, specification, weight, cavity number

The direction of parting surface is determined

Iii. Design of feed inlet and flow passage

Design of exhaust mode, exhaust hole or vacuum passage

Five, mold closing, mold locking, positioning hole


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