The design of sole mould and manufacturing technology are improved greatly

Time: 2019-03-12 15:46:28

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The trend of athletic shoes has not only paid attention to shape design and popularity, function and comfort has also become one of the key. Especially the part of sole, each manufacturer of famous brand sneaker spares no effort to invest the job of research and development innovation in succession. Therefore, the sole mold factory is faced with the demand of changing the free-form surface of the shoe, shortening the product life cycle and improving the quality. And to be able to achieve market demand, be bound to want to go up greatly in the design of sole mould and manufacturing technology upgrade.

Materials of athletic shoe sole are generally: RB (rubber), RS (foamed rubber), TPR (thermoplastic elastomer), EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, including IMEVA injection molding EVA and CMEVA traditional secondary molding EVA), PU, TR, BR, TPU, PVC, etc. Because modern science and technology develops ceaselessly, a lot of new material are being applied in sole research and development.

The sole mould needs different design because of different material. RB, EVA, TPR and other main materials of the mold is the most widely used. Generally speaking, shoe molds belong to injection moulds (injection moulds), with some exceptions. For example, the manufacturing process of CMEVA is a combination of injection and cold pressing, and some of them are made by blow molding.


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